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Tour outro for a rhapsody: Ara Malikian´s overwhelming “see you later”.

By November 9, 2016 Uncategorized

We find ourselves faced with the ultimate rhapsodic of our times. Ara Malikian is the romantic with the widest rear view of the musical scene, and it ain´t easy to look at what´s in your back without leaving your drive ahead. Versatility is the contemporary violin genius Ara Malikian´s own label as his generosity with the audience.

So, we have been able and we are able to enjoy the show in reduced format, but next season will start with a tremendous tour ending. Accompanied by a symphonic orchestra, Ara Malikian symbolizes a promise, a classicism show and long-short hours of a tribute to music throughout centuries.

As a pop star, he has managed to approach an instrument and a kind of art to the great audience. As a wizzard he owns the key of the audience´s excitement and finally, as an artist, he deeply handles the spring of passion.
What his bringing us is big, really big. Pyrotechnics on stage, a febrile passion stampede and subtieness made string.
Possibilities are widen in every sense: all time classics, fiveteen minutes ago rock and roll, the exploration of the roots, older as humankind.

A ride through the caucasian steppe, a flamish party or to cross the desert looking forward to find an oasis, everything in line with a symphonic orchestra will be different, will be bigger, will be better.

Lope de Vega finishes a famous sonnet by saying “this is love, who tried it knows” And, as happens with everything what is indescribable (what is unpredictable too), that circumstance takes place here. Words happen to be miserable to describe Malikian´s performances, because it ends up being like some epic odisseis which deserve to be lived live. Spectators who tried know for good.

He will come and delight us in September as an expansive wave.
Santander, Málaga, Valencia, Madrid and Zaragoza will be the main cities in which Royal Halls and Bullfighting Rings a symphonic night will take place. An outro for the rhapsody with which Ara Malikian will say goodbay to his “among us anniversary” celebration. It will also be the perfect spot to thank the audience its company along an unforgetable tour. No doubt left, it will be an unrepeatable night that everybody should try.

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