Requiem - Ara Malikian


For all those who died from COVID-19.


From the Pantheon of Arocutín, Michoacán, Mexico

Death is a constant in life, which daily strikes the everyday with its certainty.. Death and life are part of the same whole, the same truth. Both must be celebrated with hope because through them the incessant journey of time, eternity, makes its way.

Ara Malikian, faced with the adversities and terrible circumstances that affect us these days, he does not lose, not for an instant, faith in life. Now, more than ever, he wants to continue bringing his music to the world as a comforting balm that fuels people’s hope.

That is why, as an offering, he has felt the need to offer a requiem for all the deceased from Covid-19 on the traditional festival of November 1 in Mexico, the people who have always celebrated death as part of life.

A concert fromEl Panteón Arocutín, en Erongaricuaro, Ribera del Lago de Pátzcuaro with the collaboration of the Indigenous Community De ancestral Cultura Purépecha, and the Government of the State of Michoacán.




An offer recorded live from the heart of Michoacán on the night in which the bridge that unites life and death is present in every home, every pantheon and corner of Mexico.

A sound tour of about 15 minutos 15 minutes accompanying the dead among the bright yellow color of Cempasúchil.


Directed by Gabriel Beristáin.

November 01

World Premiere.
00:00 (GMT-5). Michoacán, México

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