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Ara´s Tour, more personal than ever

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There are three main things that everyone knows after an Ara Malikian´s show. The first one is the reason why he has become world wide known: his masterful technique. Ara is an amazingly gifted musician, and that´s a fact that everybody can feel staring at him while he plays a simple lullaby ,the most difficult Bach´s aria or any hit by Led Zeppelin.

The second fact is about spreading culture, he doesn´t resign himself to being a violinist, but a popularizer. It ain´t easy to witness such multitudinous shows as the ones that this coast to coast and head to toe musical explorer offers. If he deeply knows the music from every single corner of the world and he wants to expand it all around , that´s simply because he has already tramped the earth all over.

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Something we can´t forget about and that´s how we reach the third point is, his incredible charisma. The way he introduces the pieces, is such an easy and difficult thing at the same time, like an international show about smooth sympathy. He is, definitely, a really close star.

Bring your album and take it signed away. But stay tuned! There´s more!. A unique christmas card , designed by the great illustrator Óscar Sanmartin ,will be added to the collection. It is also the second interchangeable sheet within the new Collection Box.

Greet Ara and get a beautiful customized memory. Anyway, if you have already been in any Ara´s show, you already have it, because there´s always something touching some intimate threads.

Ara is waiting, and now it´s personal.

  • Lunes 21de noviembre .- Málaga – 18:00h
  • Martes 22 de noviembre – Valencia – 18:00h
  • Jueves 24 de noviembre – Bilbao – 18:00h
  • Viernes 25 de noviembre – Zaragoza – 18:00h
  • Sábado 26 de noviembre – Barcelona – 16:00h
  • Domingo 27 de noviembre – Madrid – 18:00h ( firma y showcase)

Ara Malikian at Ibero-American Theatre Festival of Bogotá

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Ara Malikian crosses borders with his music one more time. This time he does it pointing himself to Colombian XV Edition of Ibero-American Theatre of Bogotá, one of the most important cultural events of 2016.

The stage softening Ara´s jumps will be León de Greiff Auditorium´s, a well known and prestigious venue where art and culture reach audiences from all over the world.

A unique experience framed in a meeting where different aesthetics will be fused: actors, musicians, acrobats and dancers all in one.
A chance to make the audience able to connect with the art of Ara Malikian, who will be in the lineup of this eclectic festival that will take place from 11th to 27th March, 2016.
Because what he does is pure theatre, he is always playing his role and will for sure captivate the whole audience with his violin´s magic in Bogota next march, world´s theatre capital city.

Tour outro for a rhapsody: Ara Malikian´s overwhelming “see you later”.

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We find ourselves faced with the ultimate rhapsodic of our times. Ara Malikian is the romantic with the widest rear view of the musical scene, and it ain´t easy to look at what´s in your back without leaving your drive ahead. Versatility is the contemporary violin genius Ara Malikian´s own label as his generosity with the audience.

So, we have been able and we are able to enjoy the show in reduced format, but next season will start with a tremendous tour ending. Accompanied by a symphonic orchestra, Ara Malikian symbolizes a promise, a classicism show and long-short hours of a tribute to music throughout centuries.

As a pop star, he has managed to approach an instrument and a kind of art to the great audience. As a wizzard he owns the key of the audience´s excitement and finally, as an artist, he deeply handles the spring of passion.
What his bringing us is big, really big. Pyrotechnics on stage, a febrile passion stampede and subtieness made string.
Possibilities are widen in every sense: all time classics, fiveteen minutes ago rock and roll, the exploration of the roots, older as humankind.

A ride through the caucasian steppe, a flamish party or to cross the desert looking forward to find an oasis, everything in line with a symphonic orchestra will be different, will be bigger, will be better.

Lope de Vega finishes a famous sonnet by saying “this is love, who tried it knows” And, as happens with everything what is indescribable (what is unpredictable too), that circumstance takes place here. Words happen to be miserable to describe Malikian´s performances, because it ends up being like some epic odisseis which deserve to be lived live. Spectators who tried know for good.

He will come and delight us in September as an expansive wave.
Santander, Málaga, Valencia, Madrid and Zaragoza will be the main cities in which Royal Halls and Bullfighting Rings a symphonic night will take place. An outro for the rhapsody with which Ara Malikian will say goodbay to his “among us anniversary” celebration. It will also be the perfect spot to thank the audience its company along an unforgetable tour. No doubt left, it will be an unrepeatable night that everybody should try.

Ara Malikian presenting his new album “15” in New York

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“Start spreading the news, i´m leaving today, i want to be a part of it. I want to wake up in a city that doesn´t sleep, and find i´m top of the heap”
We are being invaded by elegant Frank Sinatra´s rhythm shaped news today. The thing is that, within the neverending tour Ara Malikian is living in, it is a great pleasure to announce a really special new destination: New York.
His only and exclusive performance will be carried out at (le) Poisson Rouge. A mythical and unique spot, one of the most important clubs in the city, an unrivalled setting where musicians of a standing equal to Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Philip Glass or Beck among many others have already played.
This multimedia artistic cabaré, founded by musicians, is home and shelter for every single arts discipline, from acting to dance , from movies to music, what creates a unique symbiosis which captures the audience with its magnetism, as Ara Malikian´s notes do.
Everything is set up for an exquisite soirée in a wonderful and artistic atmosphere, taking part in an eclectic lineup which captivates the most select audience of New York.

Ara Malikian in Placido Domingo´s fitting tribute concert.

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“Thank you for thrilling us with your voice”

This coming June 29th, 2016, Santiago Bernabéu Stadium will vibrate and tremble with Ara Malikian´s strings in tenor Placido Domingo´s tribute concert.

“Placido in our soul” will be a giant and outstanding party found to be a celebration of the 75 years of the magnificent artist. Excitement is guaranteed in the event that will be hosting the key figureheads of music and sports scene and whose profits will be totally addressed to the 38 sportive schools the Real Madrid Foundation built in México.

As Plácido Domingo said once “what is important is to reach the heart of the audience, thrill them and move them, make them cry when they are supposed to cry and make them laugh when they have to laugh”. This message will be the guide for Ara Malikian in order to rock the hearts with the voice of the tenor “in our soul”

“15” Tour, back to Latin America.

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Once he´s been on stage in the most important Spanish cities and after touring world wide through theatres selling out almost every single night, Ara Malikian is back to Latin America to release his tour: 15.

The first city enjoying his violin´s sound on tour will be Bogotá, where during the Iberoamerican Theatre Festival last September, Ara Malikian sold out the 5000 tickets in just 3 days, from 29th Sept to 1st October.

Ten concerts will be held throughout the month in different spots of the continent. The show is going to be Malikian sealed, trying to approach classical music to audiences of every age through modern song´s covers and classical pieces interpretations.

“15” is a tribute to the time the Lebanese violin player has been performing in Spain, already on more than 4000 stages. This busy schedule , has led him to be recognized by the Spanish Theatre Network as the most scheduled musical show in 2015.

His way back to South America will be the next step after the culmination of his Spanish Tour. The closure will be on a high note. Five symphonic shows in Madrid, Barcelona, Santander, Valencia and Zaragoza where he will perform surrounded by 50 musicians.



29/30/01 SEP- Bogotá

01/02/03 OCT- Bogotá

08 OCT-Guanajuato

13 OCT- Guadalajara

14 OCT- Torreón

16 OCT- Durango

19 OCT- Quito

21 OCT- Guayaquil

30 NOV – Santiago de Chile

01/02/03 DIC – Santiago de Chile