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Ara´s Tour, more personal than ever

By November 18, 2016 Uncategorized

There are three main things that everyone knows after an Ara Malikian´s show. The first one is the reason why he has become world wide known: his masterful technique. Ara is an amazingly gifted musician, and that´s a fact that everybody can feel staring at him while he plays a simple lullaby ,the most difficult Bach´s aria or any hit by Led Zeppelin.

The second fact is about spreading culture, he doesn´t resign himself to being a violinist, but a popularizer. It ain´t easy to witness such multitudinous shows as the ones that this coast to coast and head to toe musical explorer offers. If he deeply knows the music from every single corner of the world and he wants to expand it all around , that´s simply because he has already tramped the earth all over.

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Something we can´t forget about and that´s how we reach the third point is, his incredible charisma. The way he introduces the pieces, is such an easy and difficult thing at the same time, like an international show about smooth sympathy. He is, definitely, a really close star.

Bring your album and take it signed away. But stay tuned! There´s more!. A unique christmas card , designed by the great illustrator Óscar Sanmartin ,will be added to the collection. It is also the second interchangeable sheet within the new Collection Box.

Greet Ara and get a beautiful customized memory. Anyway, if you have already been in any Ara´s show, you already have it, because there´s always something touching some intimate threads.

Ara is waiting, and now it´s personal.

  • Lunes 21de noviembre .- Málaga – 18:00h
  • Martes 22 de noviembre – Valencia – 18:00h
  • Jueves 24 de noviembre – Bilbao – 18:00h
  • Viernes 25 de noviembre – Zaragoza – 18:00h
  • Sábado 26 de noviembre – Barcelona – 16:00h
  • Domingo 27 de noviembre – Madrid – 18:00h ( firma y showcase)

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