Ara Malikian a Brescia | Martedí 2 Iuglio 2019 | Biglietti

Brescia (IT)

concerto ara malikian brescia 2019

Concerto de Ara Malikian a Brescia.

Royal Garage World Tour

02jul9:30 pmBrescia (IT)Piazza della LoggiaCANCELLED

  • Giorno: Martedí 02 Iuglio. 21:30 h
  • Posto: Piazza della Loggia
  • Biglietti : 30 € – 45 €


My relationship with the garages began in 1976, when the Lebanon war broke out, in the whole world the most modern bands rehearsed in garages, they took out their sounds and created a style that would change the history of music and I did not want remain without being part of that move.

I was ten years old and my father told me to convince me.

– Come on son, let’s go down to the garage, we’re going to put together a rock band like the Rollings.

My band did not have as much fun as theirs, I did not rub elbows with Keith Richards or Mick Jagger and we talked about rock and avant-garde music, my uncle Nono was waiting for me with a battered trumpet, my neighbour with a bottle of anise and my grandmother with a mandolin … Today I still do not see the Rock and Roll but I see the love and that is more than enough

“Then came other garages, the Germans, the English, the Parisians the Spaniards, it seems that I am predestined to them, fascinating things happen to me in the garages …”

Ara Malikian

This tour will tour the garages of Ara’s life through the different countries, making a sound tour through the diverse styles that accompanied his career.

A tour dedicated to the essence of music, forged by years of travel around the world discovering the best and most characteristic sounds. Laugh, share and enjoy the musical culture of each country from the depths of their garages.

They are the friends who accompany, motivate and develop with Ara their new tour, The Royal Garage

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